DA Day 2018 – Call for Presentations

The  call for presentations (CFP) for DA Day is open until April 2nd.  This first of its kind, this one-day online conference will bring together leading Disciplined Agile (DA) experts, practitioners, and customers to share best practices, DA success stories, and introduce new DA techniques and learning materials. Agenda topics have been selected by DAC members as part of ongoing surveys to determine areas of most interest.

The 6 agenda topics are:

  1. DAIT: Enterprise Architecture – How do you apply lean and agile strategies for Enterprise Architecture?  How do Enterprise Architects work effectively with IT delivery teams?
  2. DevOps: IT Operations – How do you build and run a trustworthy IT ecosystem that runs so efficiently it  goes unnoticed by clients?
  3. DAIT: Continuous Improvement  – How do you enable people to easily and systematically share improvement learnings?
  4. DevOps: Release Management – How do you effectively plan, coordinate and verify the deployment of IT solutions into production in multi-team environments? How are IT delivery teams implementing CI/CD pipelines in established enterprises?
  5. DAE: Business Operations – How has agile and lean enabled your organization to more effectively provide services and products to customers? How has the relationship between IT and “the business” evolved?
  6. Your topic – We’re open to any valuable experiences that you’d like to share that fall outside of the previous five topics!

We are seeking DA practitioners with experience in these areas to participate as speakers for DA Day.  Final presentations will be limited to 15 minutes and a maximum of 10 PowerPoint slides and will be done in webinar format.  This is a great way to share your experiences with others, and get yourself out there as an agile conference speaker.

Please send a short abstract describing your presentation idea to  Conference@DisciplinedAgileConsortium.org along with your contact information and level of DA certification (if any).

UPDATE: Registration is now open for DADay.


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Actually, the call for presentations is now open until April 2nd!


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