DAD Book Launch at Innovate 2012 in June

We are thrilled to confirm that our new book “Disciplined Agile Delivery:  A Practitioner’s Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise” will be launched at the IBM Innovate conference in Orlando June 3-7.  It will be a busy week with the following events planned:

Scott will be co-delivering the Agile Transformation track keynote on Tuesday morning with Scott Rich, the development leader of the Jazz team. That afternoon he will be a participant at the Agile and Systems goldfish bowl. Wednesday morning Scott will be delivering his Disciplined Agile Delivery and DevOps talk and then in the afternoon giving an overview of Agile Modeling and Documentation strategies. Throughout the conference Scott will be meeting with customers, contact your IBM sales rep if you want to organize such a meeting, and doing several press interviews.

On Wednesday Mark will be speaking on “Disciplined Agile Delivery:  Adoption in the Trenches”.  On Monday he will be on the “Agile Coaching 101 Panel” with agile/lean thought leaders such as Mary Poppendieck.  Mark will also be at the Canadian reception Monday night at Blue Zoo.

Mark & Scott will also be doing a book signing on Wednesday at the bookstore.

If you miss the signing and want a book signed, try the Agile Transformation Zone in the Exhibit Hall.  There is a good chance that you will find us there, comparing notes with other agilists and discussing the challenges of disciplined agile adoption in the enterprise.

It promises to be a fun week, with the party at Sea World and the band Foreigner playing.  We hope to see you there!

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2 comments on “DAD Book Launch at Innovate 2012 in June

Jamie Hennen

great book, i am reading it on the nook, however all the images are too small to read. Is there a place to download them so i can see/read them?


Hi Jamie. Thanks for your feedback. We are aware that the images on the electronic version are hard to view on e-readers that you cannot zoom, like the basic Kobo or Nook readers. This is a limitation of the devices. However, for some models such as Kindle allow zooming of images. The diagrams and pictures look wonderful on the iPad, especially since everything is in color.

At this time we aren’t distributing electronic versions of the diagrams. You can find many of the diagrams on this site however. And as Scott discussed in a recent post, we are updating some of the diagrams and you will see them first here.


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