How Does Data Management Fit In?

Key tenets of agile and lean are to work collaboratively and to streamline your workflow respectively. This includes all aspects of your workflow, not just the fun software development stuff that we all like to focus on.  This blog posting explores how Data Management activities fit into your overall process.

In the process flow diagram below we see that Data Management is a collaborative effort that has interdependencies with other DA process blades and the solution delivery teams that Data Management is meant to support. Due to the shortened feedback cycles and collaborative nature of the work this can be very different than the current traditional strategies. For example, with a DA approach, the Data Management team works collaboratively with the delivery teams, Operations, and Release Management to evolve data sources. The delivery teams do the majority of the work to develop and evolve the data sources, with support and guidance coming from Data Management. The delivery teams follows guidance from Release Management to add the database changes into their automated deployment scripts, getting help from Operations if needed to resolve any operational challenges. Evolution of data sources is a key aspect of Disciplined DevOps.

Data Management external workflow

This highly collaborative strategy is very different than the typical traditional strategy that requires delivery teams to first document potential database updates, have the updates reviewed by Data Management, then do the work to implement the updates, then have this work reviewed and accepted, then work through your organizations Release Management process to deploy into production.

In the next blog posting in this series we will explore the internal workflow of a Disciplined Agile approach to Data Management.  Stay tuned!

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4 comments on “How Does Data Management Fit In?

The approach taken in the article is IT-focused. Yes, DAMA is based on this approach. But in practice data management goes far beyond IT domein and main focus goes to the business and businews stakeholders: data quality, data ownership etc. I think that this aspect has been missing in the model


Yes, because in Disciplined Agile we focus data management efforts where they actually have a chance of succeeding. Working with the business is more focused in Product Management and Enterprise Architecture, as well as solution delivery of course, where they take a much more robust approach than the narrowly focused data approach of DAMA. The old-style thinking promoted in the DM-BoK doesn’t have a very good success rate in practice, and frankly the data groups in the vast majority of organizations tend to be horrendous bottlenecks and sources of quality problems. We need to do a lot better than what DAMA promotes.

tom novak

I’ve been following you for a period of time. I read your comment above and would like to know where I might be able to read a use case or article that demonstrates DAD for Data Management in support of :
“Disciplined Agile we focus data management efforts where they actually have a chance of succeeding.”


Tom, good question. We haven’t captured a use case/case study on this. There may have been one written up for all I know, but if so not by us.


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