Elizabeth Woodword on DAD


Elizabeth Woodward, co-author of one of my favorite books on scaling agile, A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, recently posted a video on Youtube entitled Disciplined Agile Delivery – The Shirt, the Summary .  I worked with Elizabeth at IBM when she led IBM’s internal agile educational support effort and actively worked with teams to help them to adopt and tailor disciplined agile strategies.  As you can read in her own book, she has deep expertise in successfully applying agile at scale.

In the video, which I had no idea that she was going to create, she shares her thoughts about why you should consider DAD.  She describes the value of the explicit inclusion of Inception activities, extending Scrum to describe a truly hybrid approach, and the explicit inclusion of transition activities.  The video is a little less than six minutes in length and I suspect you’ll find it a good use of your time.

As the title implies, she also has a few nice things to say about the “fabulous” DAD shirt we sent her.  Luckily, due to training from my wife, The Lovely Beverley, I knew enough to order a woman’s version for her.  Context counts!  😉

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