Inception Goals

The Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) portion of the DA process toolkit includes an explicit Inception phase – sometimes called a project initiation phase, start-up phase, or iteration/sprint zero – which is conducted before Construction.  The primary purpose of this phase is to do just enough work to get your team going in the right direction.  You will likely need to perform some initial requirements modeling, some initial architecture modeling, some initial planning, and other organizational activities to do this.  An Inception effort is required when:

  • You are initiating a product team.
  • You are taking a project-based approach.
  • Your existing team has pivoted in a significantly different direction than what they were taking before and need to come to a common vision as to where they are now heading.

The Inception process goals are listed in the following diagram.

Inception goals

Form Initial Team Align With Enterprise Direction Explore Initial Scope Identify Initial Architecture Strategy Develop Initial Release Plan Develop Initial Test Strategy Develop Common Vision Secure Funding

The Inception process goals are:

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6 comments on “Inception Goals

Hello, I would like to know your recommendation about: who should conduct and participate (regarding DA roles) on the inception goals tailoring workshop?
Thank you


Typically this sort of session would be run by your coach if you have one, otherwise it would likely fall to the Team Lead. Ideally the entire team should participate because it’s their way of working (WoW).


[…] Where can we get agile inspiration for this? The portfolio level in the Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) provides some guidance (Lightweight Business Cases, Epics etc.). It  separates the flow of work from the creation of capacity to do the work (motto “move the work to the people, not the people to the work”). SAFe almost kills off the project notion entirely in the interest of have stable (and therefore high performing) teams. This is a good direction to look in. If this is a step to far for you, Discipline Agile Development (DaD) has a specific name for this early phase: Inception. In the DaD Inception Phase: […]

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