Innovate 2012 CFP now open

The call for presentations for IBM Rational’s Innovate 2012 conference is now open at . My hope is that some of you will submit proposals around Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) as this should be an important theme at the conference this year.

The conference will be held at the Disney Swan and Dolphin hotels in Orlando June 3-7. The conference always has great presentations and the party on Wednesday night where we rent one of the local parks for the evening is always a blast.

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Will anyone be presenting information on actual DAD implementations and the results? DAD is roughly a year old, so there may not be much, but I’d like to see some information from those who have tried DAD and what they learned from those experiences. Thanks.


Some thoughts:
1. We should get something posted about the DAD talks at Innovate 2012 here soon. We’ve fallen down on that issue.
2. Short answer is yes. There are several DAD talks being given at the conference, some of which, from the descriptions, will share actual project experiences.
3. Mark is giving an Intro to DAD style of talk and I highly suspect that he’ll go into recent project experiences. In the book, which comes out in June, we were lucky enough to get permission to share photos of a client team in action at a large company where Mark has been coaching. So experiences from that team would definitely be easy for Mark to share seeing as all the permissions are in place already. IBM is exceptionally strict on having such permissions.
4. I will be giving a talk on how DevOps strategies are weaved throughout the DAD process framework. I will not be sharing specific client examples due to lack of such permissions but instead will be talking in generalities. At BigFinancialCo we did …. for example. Gotta love customers who think everything that they do is a competitive advantage that can’t be shared with anyone.

Anyway, wait for a future posting entitled something like “DAD at Innovate 2012”.


One of my talks at Innovate will be about an overview of DAD as well as adoption hints and reviews of experiences at clients adopting DAD. If you are there, come say hello!

I can summarize my experiences as very positive. Management invariably loves it as it shows them how to adapt their governance and fold it into a full lifecycle approach. Creating an “agile charter” at the beginning during the Inception phase gives them a degree of comfort that they know what they are investing in, which they don’t usually get with traditional agile approaches. DAD acknowledges certain realities for enterprise agile projects, such as the need to do some pre-planning, specific project milestones, dealing with project dependencies and complex deployment scenarios. Management appreciates this honesty and pragmatism.

Practitioners looking for guidance on how to adapt their agile practices for the context of their organization or project appreciate the flexibility and strategies that DAD offers.

If you are experiencing moderate success with Scrum and/or XP, DAD helps you take it to the next level. DAD doesn’t replace those methods, but supplements them.


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