New Choose Your WoW! Chapter Excerpts are Online

Draft 3 of the Choose Your WoW! cover

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Mark and I.  Here are some updates that are now available at the Sneak Previews (members only) page:

  1. Cover design update (see above).  This is our current, and very rough, draft. We’re looking forward to what the graphic artist comes up with. Stay tuned!
  2. New chapter excerpt: The Coordinate Activities process goal
  3. New chapter excerpt: The Leverage and Enhance Existing Infrastructure process goal
  4. Updated chapter excerpt: The Develop Initial Test Strategy process goal
  5. Updated chapter excerpt: The Govern Delivery Team process goal

If you’re a DAC member you have access to the Sneak Previews page where you can download these chapter excerpts.  We really hope that you choose to look them over and provide feedback to us so that we can improve them.  Thanks in advance!


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