Disciplined Agile 2.0 is Under Construction!

Under Construction

You may have noticed that we’ve been making changes here on the site.  These changes include:

  1. We’ve added a new graphic on the home page overviewing DA 2.0.  This graphic is meant to serve as a landing page for the web site and as a printable poster (we printed a 4′ by 3′ version of it for the Agile 2015 conference and it looked great). We will soon have files available of various sizes for printing that you will be able to download free of charge.
  2. We’ve been writing about the new DA 2 process blades.  This includes Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Reuse Engineering, and many others.  We’ve been capturing ideas for the new process blades for quite awhile now but waited to publish until we were ready.  A couple of months ago we decided to publish “depth first”, hence the detailed descriptions of Enterprise Architecture and Release Management for example.  At the request of several clients we’ve decided to go “breadth first” for awhile to get the new page structure in place with overviews of each blade.  Reuse Engineering and Product Management are good examples of these pages.  Once these pages are in place we’ll start addressing the details again.
  3. Where there are details missing, we’re marking it as such.  You’ve likely noticed a few “TBDs” or “Work in Progress” indications on some of the pages.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to that material in priority order.
  4. Please be patient.  We have a lot of great material to share, but it takes time to publish it.

And yes, we were able to find an under construction graphic with pair programming going on.  😉

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