We need to take a failure bow!

As many of you have noticed we’ve had some problems with this site, DisciplinedAgileDelivery.com, the past month or so.  It began in December when we believe the site was hacked.  To address this we ratcheted up security, which slowed the site down and caused performance problems with our previous site hosting company.

In the past two weeks, and particularly the past 4-5 days, we’ve had problems with images being served up properly.  Intermittently the images weren’t being served up at all, we believe due to the result of timeouts caused by the performance problems, which was a serious issue given how many of our articles and blog posts have images.

So we’ve switched providers as of today.  We’re sure that we’ll run into a few more glitches over the next day or so, so please have patience with us.

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